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Burke & Burke

Then & Now

Burke & Burke Design is an award-winning husband and wife creative partnership. Since 1985, Halifax’s original boutique marketing firm has grown to provide comprehensive strategic marketing and creative solutions for an ever-widening clientele, which run the gamut from local mom & pop startups to publicly-traded nationals in the Maritimes, across Canada, and as far away as Arizona and India.

Halifax, Nova Scotia - Marketing and Branding Firm
Halifax, Nova Scotia - Advertising, and Responsive Web Solutions

At Burke & Burke, we literally began the creative journey on our kitchen table. Long before computers and the web transformed the way we communicate and consume information, we built effective design and marketing solutions for our varied roster of clients (some of whom remain with us to this day).

Over that time, we’ve resisted the urge to grow in size, as both partners are committed to remain true to our roots as active creative professionals who still enjoy hatching the next big idea. Even after all these years, we still take great satisfaction in applying our creative energy to solve tough problems. We’re still proud of our work, we’re still Burke & Burke, and yes, we’re still having fun!

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