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Burke & Burke Honoured at the 11th Annual Web Excellence Awards

January 17, 2024

Burke & Burke is proud to announce that the website we’ve created for VETS Canada (Veterans Emergency Transition Services), has recently been selected as a winner in the 11th Annual Web Excellence Awards!

The Web Excellence Awards is a prestigious and internationally recognized program based in Basel, Switzerland. The awards promote excellence in web development and digital innovation on a global scale – truly an international celebration of talent, diversity, innovation, and creativity. This eleventh award season garnered over 900 entries from twenty-one countries across six continents.

Burke & Burke has worked alongside VETS Canada since it began in 2010 as a grassroots movement in Nova Scotia. Founder, Jim Lowther, a veteran himself, realized that there were veterans (including those with whom he had served) slipping through the cracks. These veterans had lost their families and many were living in the streets in high risk situations. Jim, and his partner, Debbie Lowther have grown the humanitarian movement into a federally registered non-profit charity with hundreds of dedicated volunteers assisting veterans across the country.

The branding and website have evolved to become an invaluable tool to boost recognition, help recruit volunteers, establish corporate partnerships, and serve as a point of contact for those seeking immediate assistance.

“We don’t have many opportunities to help save lives in our profession, but this is one of those rare opportunities when our work can truly make a difference.” — Larry Burke, Creative Director

Burke & Burke is the region’s original creative boutique. Since 1985, the award-winning firm has grown to provide comprehensive strategic marketing and creative solutions for an ever-widening clientele, which run the gamut from local mom & pop startups to publicly-traded nationals in the Maritimes, across Canada, and as far away as Japan and Kenya. 

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