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P.E.I. Mussel King gets government loan for new product

March 18, 2016

We’re very excited that our client, PEI Mussel King is attracting interest and investment in its new value-added products. A big hit at the recent Boston Seafood Show, Mussels in Minutes! is an innovative consumer product developed in house at Mussel King that we named, branded, and packaged for an international market.

P.E.I. Mussel King has received a repayable federal and provincial government loan to help with full-scale production of a new product, Mussels in Minutes.

The company, located in Morell, will use the $925,000 from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the P.E.I. Century Fund to produce the product.

Mussels in Minutes are pre-packaged mussels in a microwaveable pouch with seasonings inside. The mussels are ready to eat after being microwaved for three minutes.

“This cook-in pouch of live mussels with vegetables offers a meal-in-a-bag solution for consumers who want to enjoy this gourmet treat without any fuss or clean-up,” said company president Esther Dockendorff.

The company will use $350,000 from ACOA and $325,000 from the P.E.I. Century Fund to start full-scale production.

P.E.I. Mussel Farms, a subsidiary of P.E.I. Mussel King, will use $125,000 from each to purchase automated mussel sock fillers. The machinery will help the company increase productivity and production to meet market demand.

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