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We’re Hiring!

April 2, 2019

The boss asked us to write this job post because SOMEONE decided to go have another baby.

We’re looking for a Graphic Designer to join the team for at least a year (or more). Your primary job would be to craft identities for a wide range of businesses, including designing logos, websites, collateral, stationery, etc.

We’re a boutique, full-service marketing firm, so we all wear a bunch of hats (metaphorically, but if you want to wear a bunch of hats, that’s cool I guess, but not super practical).

Stuff You Need to be Good at:

• Designing logos

• Designing websites

• Typography

• Colour stuff

• Organizing

• Using your words (communicating)

• Laughing (at yourself and others)

• Accepting that the boss’ dog is kind of a big deal

• Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator

• Learning new stuff

Bonus Points for:

• Knowing how to use Adobe XD, Premier, and After Effects.

• Being familiar with video editing, animation would be cool, and UX design.

• Being familiar with CMS websites and Bootstrap (just the basics/limitations – you don’t need to build websites, we have people for that).

Other Fun Stuff About the Job:

• Free lunch on Friday (sometimes you even get to pick where).

• Hours: 9-5, Monday-Friday. No weekends, like, ever.

• Collaborative work environment with art direction

Fancy Book Learnin’ (also known as higher education):

• Don’t care.

• Know the difference between there, their, and they’re.

• Never put two spaces after a period.

• Appreciate the Oxford comma.

The Money Stuff

We dunno, ask the boss.

Let’s See Your Work!

The main thing is that your work speaks for itself. You don’t get to follow it around explaining what it means to everyone, so it needs to do that for you. Send us your PDF portfolio, or a link to your online portfolio.

The Fine Print:

Only those considered for followup interviews will be contacted. No offshore candidates or recruiters please.

Burke & Burke is an award-winning husband and wife creative partnership. Since 1985, Halifax’s original boutique firm has grown to provide comprehensive strategic marketing and creative solutions for an ever-widening clientele, which run the gamut from local mom & pop startups to publicly-traded nationals in the Maritimes, across North America, and as far away as Kenya.

Email us your resume and portfolio.


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