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Halifax Explosion Commemorative Stamp Tells an Epic Story on a Tiny Canvas

December 6, 2017

Local design firm, Burke & Burke, is honoured to have been chosen to portray the monumental disaster that forever changed the city.

Halifax design and marketing firm, Burke & Burke, was awarded a commission from Canada Post to design a postage stamp commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, a process that began in April of 2015. Burke & Burke’s design was unveiled during a November 6th ceremony held at Government House, presided by Nova Scotia’s Lieutenant Governor. 

The stamp design process required the efforts of many, including creative director, Larry Burke, lead designer, Anna Stredulinsky, designer, Adam Hartling, local illustrator, Mike Little, and a host of historians, archivists, and experts familiar with the epic disaster.

“Our hope with this design is that we have captured the essence of the event’s enormity, and the human tragedy in a way that faithfully and respectfully chronicles this historic and devastating event. We hope that those familiar or unfamiliar with the Halifax Explosion and its aftermath are compelled to learn more.” — Larry Burke, Creative Director

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