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Burke & Burke


Tried & True

Burke & Burke is the original creative marketing boutique in Halifax. Google it. A rare combination – thirty years of real world experience, and a studio brimming with youthful talent. It’s a pretty powerful tool that our clients engage successfully against the forces of mediocrity in today’s marketplace.

Pencil & Paper

Remember those? Well, we still use ’em. We take notes, we sketch out ideas, we toss some away, and then we keep sketching and refining those ideas until we’ve created award-winning, game-changing marketing solutions for our clients in Halifax, in Atlantic Canada, across North America, and beyond – just ask them.

Heart & Soul

We’ve never wanted to be the biggest or the loudest – just the best at what we do. We’re proud of all the work that makes its way out of our shop – yup, everything. So what does that mean for your marketing strategy? It means that even our size-small clients and marketing projects will get the extra-large benefit of our A-list team’s best work (FYI, we’ve never had a B-team).

Tooth & Nail

It’s a jungle out there – market competition is fierce, so you need the best marketing strategies and tools available to stay in the fight. Trendy and pretty don’t cut it here, but a well-aimed, well-timed marketing approach will keep your strategic outcomes on target.

Ready & Able

Ahoy, clients from Halifax, Atlantic Canada, North America, and beyond! We’re ready, willing, and able to provide highly effective marketing strategy, design, advertising, writing, illustration, production, web development, SEO, social media programs, signage, and packaging design – all developed in-house by our small but talented crew out of our home port of Halifax.

Give & Take

Successful marketing outcomes are realized through collaboration between our clients and the creative team. Our clients know their business best, so we take notes. It’s our job to understand their business, their goals, and their audience as well as they do. Then we go into action – each member of the creative team contributes what they do best. We all share in the process, and we all share in the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

Fair & Square

With over thirty years of marketing success in Halifax, odds are, we must be doing something right. Our partners are longstanding CGD™ Certified graphic designers, who abide by a national professional code of ethics. Even our competitors respect our good name, which has been on the door in Halifax since 1985.

Burke & Burke

Whether you’re a small startup or an established operation, we’d like to learn all about your marketing challenges and strategic goals. We’d welcome the opportunity to apply our expertise and experience to improve your situation and to help craft the next success story for your business or organization.

Let’s talk.