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Paws Here: Quinpool Road shops open their doors to dogs

July 8, 2016

The campaign Paws Here on Quinpool was launched to keep dogs out of hot cars and to embrace Quinpool’s pet-loving atmosphere.

There’s no barking so far about a campaign on Quinpool Road to allow dogs in and out of businesses.

Paws Here on Quinpool was launched Thursday by the Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association. To start, operators of at least 40 businesses have opened their doors to dogs and another 15 will allow them in outside premises.

Karla Nicholson, the association’s executive director and a dog lover herself, said the campaign is a way to keep dogs out of hot cars and to embrace Quinpool’s pet-loving atmosphere.

“We thought we would capitalize on (the) small neighbourhood business community that we are and give our customers a chance to be able to shop with their dogs with them,” said Nicholson.

Several businesses on the road are already dog-friendly, but Nicholson said the campaign is just “being bold about it.”

To keep concerns to a minimum for those who may not want pets inside, the association is asking owners to keep their dogs under control. They are not allowed in restaurants because of health regulations.

Hotels, hair salons, banks and yoga studios have opened their doors to pets. And for the stores allowing outdoor visits, water bowls, leash tethers and other little perks are being made available.

There are decals on the windows of the stores participating in the campaign which state whether they allow the pets in the shops or in outdoor areas.

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