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Halifax Mom & Pop Marketing Firm Turns Thirty

June 15, 2015

Creative team at Burke & Burke still having fun after thirty years in Nova Scotia.

Halifax, NS – June 15, 2015: While partners Kelly and Larry Burke are well past thirty themselves, their creative boutique marketing firm, Burke & Burke is celebrating thirty years in a business where many have come and gone since they began designing ads and logos on their kitchen table in 1985.

The award-winning partnership has much to celebrate. Partners in life, and in business, the pair have adjusted well to the changing landscape of marketing and design since they graduated from NSCAD in the eighties. The firm has not only adapted, but has embraced the digital world, creating success for their clients, and winning local, national, and international recognition for their brands and website work.

The Burkes have consciously intended to keep the firm lean and focused, with a small but talented team handpicked as students from Kelly’s days as an Assistant Professor in NSCAD’s Faculty of Design. Clients often remark that they are amazed at such capability from a team of only five.

The firm recently relocated a few doors down the road to the Mulrooney Building on Quinpool Road. The Burkes were so enamoured with its 1960s cachet, that they decided to model their new office accordingly, with a mid century modern vibe. While it’s not quite ready yet, they assure clients and visitors that they’re creating a space that would make Mad Men’s Don Draper feel right at home.

In the meantime, Burke & Burke can be found online at their new website,, which displays case studies, and speaks to the philosophy that has kept them thriving for thirty years.

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